Monday, October 20, 2008

Wig hats!

on our way to enlightenment


Steph-Joy said...

Pete's beard is huge! I thought this was a picture of you, Steph, and a stranger!

Kathy said...

Peter -- Your beard!!! What can I say?????

bob said...

Hey Pete! You're starting to look normal by Yates standards. Welcome to the club. Are they big New York Yankees fans over there, Steph? How many Ferraris have you guys seen in Dharmasala?

Peter said...

We have yet to see a single sports car in India, although we did see a BMW in Chandigarh. I think they're only safe in big cities, otherwise there is too high of a chance that somebody will dent it.

As for NY fans, I think they just find it cool to wear NY hats. Still, not that many people wear baseball caps around here.

Mike said...

you guys rule hahaha.. that beard is amazing!

donna said...

I think you both look like spies.


mark n ally said...

dude that beard is intense going to be honest haven't read much of your blogs but i will make a better effort.
we miss u guys
hows the pot?
love mark n ally