Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Itinerary Map Updated

Hi Everyone,

We have arrived safely in Dharamsala, albeit at 3:40 in the morning with nowhere to go. Tomorrow we begin our course, but I just wanted to let you know before we go in that I made a big update to the itinerary at Google Maps (see the side bar for small version, or click the link beneath for the full page). I just wrote some small descriptions of the places we've been, and I updated the pins to reflect where we are (and our trail).

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Love, Donna said...

Thanks for the updated itinerary. I hope you are warm enough. It must feel very special to be in the Dali Lama's neighbourhood. Is communicating via the keyboard allowed in the 10 silent retreat or will you be giving up that form of speech as well during your 10 day silent retreat? I think you're very brave to be attempting the silent retreat and I'm sure it will be a rewarding. My thoughts are with you.