Friday, October 31, 2008


Greetings everyone!

If you're interested in seeing what life is like in Udaipur, and being entertained at the same time, go rent the James Bond movie Octopussy (Roger Moore). A few of the magnificent palaces around here are shown and the city life is pretty accurate, except there is more dirt, garbage, and traffic.


Lauren Tierney said...

Hello, hello hellllooo! This is exciting because I had no clue that you were up to so much. India, how amazing!! Ive been reading your posts, and they are fantastic, and you guys write so colourfully!
Steph, I saw your mom in my work (goodness me on locke street) and she emailed me this blogspot. I am so happy that you are having a great time and hope to see you as soon as i can when you get back-when are you getting back?
Pete-I will one day meet you, and I look forward to it! hahaha

okay, well peace out from the hammer!

Steph said...

Ahhh so great to hear from you, Lauren. We should definitely meet up when I'm back in town. We're outta here on December 17th. Take care!!