Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Sleeper Train and the Case of the Lost Wallet

Hello everyone! We have successfully survived an overnight sleeper train from Jaipur to beautiful Udaipur and are staying in the lovely Hotel Hanuman Ghat. We're planning on relaxing here for several days before hitting the road again.

The Case of the Lost Wallet
Being the wise man that I am, I neglected to remove my wallet from my pants pocket before going to sleep on the train. I was on the upper of three two-foot wide berths, and Stephanie was on the middle one. I rolled around quite a bit during the night, trying to maximize my comfort the best that I could (no matter how futile it seemed to be).

On the fifth time that I woke up, I had the realization that my wallet may have fallen out of my pocket, so I searched my pants, but it was not there. I searched my kurta, but it was not there either. Ohhhhh boy. I looked around and noticed that the man that was sleeping on one of the lower berths on the other side of the cart was no longer there. Did he take my wallet and book it? Ohhhh boy.

I searched my pockets again. I searched my kurta again. No wallet. It's okay I thought, just relax, perhaps I put it in my bag, but I really not no hope that it was there. And it wasn't. Ohhhh boy. So, I checked my pockets again. I scoured my kurta again. No wallet.

I grabbed my flashlight, hopped down to the floor and looked around, and luckily enough, there it was. EUREKA! I grabbed my now dusty beast and stuffed it carefully in my bag, zipped it up and climbed back to my bed where I thought about how lucky I was before falling back asleep.

Anyway, today is the big day for Diwali, so make sure you celebrate with plenty of lights and maybe some fireworks.


Steph said...

Don't forget the sweets too!

Steph-Joy said...

I celebrated Diwali tonight with candles. Steph - it was reminiscent of our evenings pampering ourselves in your room. Here tonight is a new moon.

Steph said...

Awesome, SJ. Ahh the moon. The moon was so amazing and huge while we were on the mountain in silence. I spoke to her secretly every night...

Kathy said...

Hi guys,

Love the pics!! My friend Surita says to take some pics of Udaipur Palace. You guys look terrific. I love all the info. Love to you both.


Donna said...

Last night, we watched The River, a movie about India made in 1951 ( in Technicolour) by Jean Renoir, grandson of the French painter of the same name. It had a great story and featured the festival of Diwali, so we were with you in spirit.

Have you had a chance to hear some Indian music?

The Other Mom

donna said...

Pete, your wallet story was very suspenseful. I'm glad it had a happy ending.

Peter said...

We went to the City Palace in Udaipur, but it was a rather expensive place for our tight budget. We still managed to walk around most of it and absorb it, but we didn't want to cough up an extra 200 rupees just to take photos.

That movie sounds interesting and I'm glad you enjoyed the story. I hope you didn't mind all those typos ;> -- it's hard to find a good keyboard in this country.