Sunday, September 7, 2008

Rise and Chai


This week has been tough - both physically and mentally. Between morning and evening yoga and meditation, meals, clothes washing, studying hindi and an afternoon nap (that is necessary to not falling asleep during evening meditation), there is little room for down-time. We're keeping our heads above water though..

I will certainly write about all the food I've consumed in detail, but not right now. It's time for chai. Just to be clear, chai is made by boiling fresh creamy milk with sugar and masala spice mix. It's a big deal around here - and it makes sense. Not only does the milk nourish the body, this little cup of flavour is a small pleasure in the lives of many people who have very little.

where we're at

a view from our ashram

sunset on the Ganges


Steph-Joy said...

ah - its so good to SEE your faces! Pete has quite the beard happening there - is he going to keep letting it grow? Steph - you look beautiful as usual. I'd love to know what you're wearing these days there - can I request an "India fashion" post sometime in the future?

Daniel said...

glad to see you guys are doing well. Nice pics. That beard is jj

Gregory said...

Hey Steph and Pete.

You seem so far away, like you're on the other side of a prism. Keep up the regular posts, we love them.

Are you glad you only took one pair of sandals steph? If you took more shoes, they probably wouldn't fit either!

Brother Greg

bob said...

Good stuff, you guys. I'm happy for you.

Just a note on something that may be of interest or concern to you. In the news here a couple of days ago there was a story of serious flooding around Kanpur. I see you will be heading down there later in your trip and may be taking a train from beyond there back to New Delhi. I am imagining washed out bridges and/or train lines, so... heads up if you have a tight time schedule.

Love, Dad

Gill said...

so nice to see where you guys are, missing you missing you missing you. Love reading about how you are doing.


Tom said...

Hey guys -- looks like you're having an awesome time. Peter, you're making excellent progress on the beard. I expect that NO trimming or cutting will occur until you're back in Canada, as we discussed previously.

Any luck with the oils yet?


Gregory said...

What's with the cage at your compound?


Peter said...

Thanks for the heads up, Bob!

Thanks for the encouragement, Tom. All is as we have agreed. No luck with the oils yet, although Steph had an ayurvedic massage this morning which involves a LOT of oil!

Greg, as for the cage around the stairs, we wondered the same thing ourselves. I think it's there to stop monkeys from harassing us while we walk up to the ashram (there are tons of monkeys around).

Steph said...

Hastings, you'd be terribly disappointed if I made an "India Fashion" post today... I am a total slob. The three white t-shirts I came over here with (now no longer white - stained with tumeric, dirt, sweat, unknown, and red dye from the clothing line) are in constant rotation. (I have to wash every day!) I've got some neato pants I do yoga in and a printed skirt, but otherwise I wear grubby pants a lot. I don't seem to have found the time/energy yet to build my wardrobe. I will get back to you when there is change.

Hah, yes brother Greg. Glad all the time accept when I was climbing down that mountain..

Miss you too, Gill. You should start a "Gilli-pants en France" blog.