Thursday, September 18, 2008

Nasal Flossing

Howdy doodah! (There is a greek man here who always says that to me and chuckles. I think he thinks that it is a common Canadian greeting.)

I hope everyone is doing well in Canada. We're doing great here in India, although the past few days have been very hot. Today is beautifully cool. :)

Last Saturday we had our second nasal cleansing. I think we are both fairly proficient at pouring water in one nostril and having it come out the other now. We didn't attempt the pushing from mouth to nose, but we did do the nasal flossing with a rubber string.

That's where things got interesting. I was very determined to do it this week, and I was having no success. While I kept trying to stuff this string up my nose I could hear Steph laughing and speaking exasperatedly with a yoga teacher who was helping her stuff it down her nose (whether she liked it or not). I tried and tried and tried and had no luck. Soon there was only 3 people still attempting to do it and the yoga teacher, Naveen, who had previously been helping Steph approached me.

"May I?" Of course! And so he began stuffing it down my nose for me. Wrong hole. Wrong hole. Wrong hole. Oh this time we got the right hole. OK Now reach and grab it! Do not worry, this is only a problem for first time (gag reflex). You do it. Nononono do not pull it out. Too late, I couldn't get over the gagging and I had to withdraw the string (it is more like a thin tube with 1 closed end). He left me be for a bit and I kept trying, but I could not get it down the right hole.

Eventually I was the only one still trying to do it. Then Naveen came over to help me once more. He said, "This time you do it. I will do it for you." Not knowing exactly what this meant, I agreed. Wrong hole. Wrong hole. Right hole! And down it went again to the back of my throat. "I think this is right way. Yes this is right way."

Now it was in there and I soon learned what he meant by "I will do it". I started reaching in to grab the tube and he shoved my elbow, pushing my fingers deep into my throat. I grabbed the tube and pulled it out my mouth! SUCCESS!! And so I began flossing, posing for photographs, and salivating like crazy. Unfortunately, we didn't get any photographs, since our batteries were dead, but hopefully someone will send them to us.

When I was satisfied, I pulled it out my mouth and that was that. Can't wait to try again next week.


Anonymous said...

You two are incredibly brave. That sounds almost traumatizing! What are the benefits of nasal flossing?


Peter said...

The benefits? I'm not sure. It opens up your breathing ability and some people say it has removed the bags under their eyes.

Some people compare it to flossing or brushing your teeth. You might have thought it was mad to insert things there to clean before having done it!

Steph said...

It stimulates blood vessles in places that have never been touched before! (This is supposed to be a good thing.) Totally bizarre sensation..

And yeah having the toughest yoga teacher (it always feels like he is picking on me - but I think everyone else gets the same feeling) take control and shove that thing up my nose and shove my arm into my mouth was an invasive experience to say the least. At some points we were fighting; he wouldn't let me take it out!! His favourite line is "TRY!".

donna said...

It sounds like hard work and you guys are really committed. You're not just goofing off over there.