Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Deep inhale, deep exhale

Just thought I'd check in to tell you guys about our flight to India. We left Pearson International and got to Newark without any problems. Leaving Newark we had to it on the plane for about an hour before lift off, presumably waiting for a runway to become available. This felt like an uncomfortable eternity.

Once we finally had lift off, we could tune into our personal LCD screens mounted in back of the headrests of the chairs in front of us. Many options were available. We could watch anything our heart desired, with a choice of about 100 television shows and 300 movies available to us. We also had the option of playing low-tech video games, since our personal remote control tripled as a video game controller and keyboard.

We ended up playing sudoku and space invaders, as well as watching some Curb Your Enthusiasm-- very funny. I think Steph watched Maid of Honor while I watched Pulp Fiction.

As for the number of people on the flight, there was far from maximum capacity. We were the only two in our three-seat section, which granted us the luxury of taking turns lying down to sleep.

How about the food? Not bad. Really! Not great, of course, but definitely not the worst food we have ever eaten. Although I wasn't too into the plain yogurt, or the vegan burger Steph had.

All in all, it was fairly comfortable flight, and it's time to sign off!


Krishna Sivaranjan said...

When you get those personal LCD screens for flights it is so much easier. When I was flying to sydney I had nothing, I just read a book, listened to music, and tried so hard to sleep. On the way back from Sydney though I had a screen for about 10 hours of the flight so I watched like 5 movies. That was a great flight back.

As for plane food I remember I got some nice ice cream when I was on a plane (I don't usually eat ice cream so it could have been REALLY bad but I liked it)

mark b said...

weeds is aweosme!
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