Wednesday, September 24, 2008

30 days later

Hari Om!

We have officially been out of Canada for 30 days! Hope you guys are surviving without us ;>. We will be leaving the ashram on Saturday and continuing our journey of India, of which 84 days remain.

Our upcoming plan includes:

Dehra Dun Forest Research Institute Museum, Great Stupa & Buddha Statue
Chandigarh High Court, Open Hand, Nek Chand Fantasy Rock Garden
Shimla Viceregal Lodge, Himalayan Bird Park, Jakhu Temple, and maybe a pony ride!
Manali Nature Park, Buddhist Monasteries, Hadimba Temple
McLeod Ganj (Dharamsala) Tsuglagkhang Complex, Secretariat of the Tibetan Government in Exile, Tsechokling Gompa
Amritsar Golden Temple, Jallianwala Bagh, Ram Bagh

We are toying with the idea of a 10 day Buddhist meditation retreat in McLeod Ganj, which would include intense practice of vipassana meditation (mindfulness meditation) and complete silence.

Note: I have made an update to the Lecture post to reflect some information that he has added recently, namely that only one of the steps is required for an aspirant to reach purification.


Kathy said...

Hey Peter!! Can't believe a month has gone by already. The next leg of your journey sounds fascinating. Hope you and Steph are still well and of course -- we miss you guys!


PS Grandad wants to know if the caste system still exists in India? Comments, please.

donna said...

You'll be able to sleep in! We do miss you but you're doing a great job of keeping us updated.

Peter said...

I think it may still officially "exist", but as far as I know (and from what one of our yoga teachers told me), people do whatever they want regardless of their particular caste. If they have the money to obtain an education in what they please, then they'll do it.