Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Yates Packed Up

the contents of my backpack - ziplocked for monsoon protection!!

1. three pair heavy duty socks, six pair undies, sunglasses
2. adult rain poncho
3. lollipops to give to children
4. first aid kit
5. to be declared: sunscreen, shampoo/conditioner, deet, toothpastes, etc.
6. camera, camera accessories, batteries
7. plane snacks, napkins, fresh sketch book, pencils, pen, a novel, big river band mouth organ (in the key of C)
8. money belt: passport, cash, etc.
9. for grimy sleeping situations: sleeping sheet bag and pillow case
10. nasty meds, probiotics, multivitamin, iron, omega-3 supplement, diva cup, floss, toothbrush, bar of soap, wet naps, tom's deodorant
11. two plain white t-shirts
12. canadiana to give as gifts
13. night vision: flashlight and candle lantern
14. micro-fibre towel
15. to be stashed away in the pack: photocopy of important docs.

O Canada

There's lots of room left. I'll throw in a roll of toilet paper..


Peter said...

I sure hope Tom doesn't mind you taking his deodorant!

Steph said...

Ahhh I almost forgot to pack bras!!

Steph-Joy said...

haha - I like that you two have both commented here!

That looks like such efficient packing! As I recall, you leave today! Good luck with the getting there - and if you already are I hope everything went smoothly!

I love you, Yates! You're okay too, Pete (haha - You're OK - get it?)

okay - xoxo!

Mike said...

Brother and BSD. You guys have a wonderful time! :)