Sunday, August 3, 2008

Travel Itinerary

We have put our travel itinerary on a map at Google Maps (also shown in sidebar). We start at New Delhi and head northeast to Rishikesh. The final location we visit is Kolkata, where we'll take a train ride back to New Delhi.

The points in the map were added in the order that we will be visiting them.


Mike said...


Kathy said...

Pete -- this is sooooooooo cool!!

Krishna Sivaranjan said...

Man you guys are crazy. India!?

How are you guys going to be getting from place to place? When my parents went they hired some dude to drive them all around India.

Are you going to see Sai baba? Are you going to learn about the various religions of the east.

My cousin went around india a year ago, he seemed to enjoy himself. Especially the train rides between cities, I remember my cousin telling me stories of him being crammed in tiny compartments for hours on end on humid days..... fun times