Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Peter's Pack

the contents of my jam-packed backpack

1. polysporin, prescriptions, acetaminophen, burt's beeswax, sanitary spray, floss, visine, bug spray, elastic bands, toothbrush (not pictured)
2. notebook, black pen, poetry, master padlock, personalized harmonica (key of C), usb key with portable applications for safer use of cyber-caf├ęs
3. shorts, t-shirt, pillow case
4. soap!
5. blurry underwear
6. led flash light
7. lonely planet travel guide to india
8. aluminum water bottle filled with precious canadian water
9. 3 pairs of wool socks, bathing suit
10. money belt with passport and plane ticket!
11. copy of important documents
12. microfibre towel
13. kleenex, deodorant, universal plug, sleeping mask, ear plugs, tweezers, nail clippers, aaa batteries, safety pins

ca c'est tout


Steph said...

Your only options are to leave that precious water behind, or to bring it with you in your bladder.

Peter said...

oh shucks, I guess you are right. that's a bummer!

Mike said...


dont get owned!

Mark B said...

duders thats nuts guy.
hope u guys are ok. and having fun
i just heard on the news there has been this huge floods in some parts of india