Sunday, December 14, 2008

Tick Tock

The same streets of Delhi that made our heads spin 4 months ago are now like old pals to us. It's incredible, really, how much tougher, sharper, wiser we are to all of India's surprises. We've been going over lately the things we'll miss about India - and the things we definitely won't. Both are long lists, but this is an unquestionably amazing country.

Just a couple more days of shopping, eating, exploring, being here till we hop on a plane, and then one more till we can kiss Canadian soil (or ice). We'll have so much to tell you when we get home.


bob said...

Hey Steph---if it is convenient for you in the next few days, visit a beauty parlour again and get a fresh round of henna designs on your hands and/or feet. (My treat.) It will add an extra umph to your stories when you get back (not that they'll need it).

Can't wait to see you and Pete.

Love, Dad

mlaihoto said...

Pete! I'm so excited to see you when you get back and hear stories :)

Steph said...

Okay, Dad. We've got the day to hang out before our flight, so I'll try and get some street henna done. Love ya! See ya so sooon!