Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Namaste India


Today, we board a plane. One that flies through the air across the world and brings us back to our loved ones. It's exciting to be returning home and, at the same time, saddening to be leaving "Incredible !ndia".

We have 6 hours to kill before hopping on a taxi to the airport, which should be a joyous 4 hour event (so we have been informed).

I'm lost for words at the moment, but you should rest easily knowing that we had McDonald's for lunch a couple of days ago. Chicken Maharaja Mac anyone? McAloo Tikka burger?

See you soon.


donna said...

We can hardly wait to see you in the flesh. I imagine you're sun tanned...

Love, Donna

Steph-Joy said...

oh wow! Well its probably a good thing that leaving is sort of bittersweet - but for me your return holds not a single ounce of bitterness! Can't wait to see you!! Fly safe.

Krishna Sivaranjan said...

Wow, so ends an amazing chapter of your life. I must sit down with you when we are back in loo so you can tell me all the crazy stories that couldn't/shouldn't be put on the world wide web haha.